About Lucky & Prince

Is Lucky & Prince real?

Yes, Lucky & Prince', are the co-founders, beloved British Bulldogs living in Bavaria.

What’s Lucky & Prince’s favourite meal?

Lucky eats a lot of the Poultry Prince favourite at the moment is Venison.

What is your pooches' favourite? Let us know via Instagram, Facebook or email woof@LuckyandPrince.com #luckyandprince #bavariatobowl

Lucky & Prince Sausages

Where is your food made?

All of Lucky & Prince  dog dog are gently hand- cooked in Germany to precise in the heart of Bavaria where most of our ingredients are sourced.

Who can eat these delicious dog food?

In theory both of you, cause it is human grade, but we recommend for dogs of all shapes and sizes, over 6 month.

What is moisture content?

Moisture content is simply the water level expressed as a %.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, all of our packaging is fully recyclable. Please recycle after your pup has finished each sausage.

What makes Lucky & Prince so delicious nutritious?

Lucky & Prince  is more than just yummy good food. We are an independent, family business led by our values. As proud believers in the power of business to do good we are committed to supporting good causes.-

Why is Lucky & Prince is the best pet food?

We created Lucky & Prince for our British Bulldogs Lucky & Prince, without compromise taking the time to ensure it tastes great and meets the needs of our beloved dogs. We refuse to use unpleasant nonsense which means all our recipes avoid common allergens, are gluten free, have no pea protein, no added sugar nor salt and are packed with more than 80% single protein source.

We do not use raw materials already strongly denatured beforehand, which are already altered in their protein structure (heat, addition of salts, acids, bases, etc.). No grain flours are used, and also no meat that has been treated or altered before processing. All utilised raw materials are free from genetic engineering. All animal products are regional origin and are processed freshly slaughtered.We use gentle cooking mehtods like steaming to make sure that the ingredients retain all the natrual goodness, vitamins and minerals.

I’m sold! Where can I buy Lucky & Prince Pet Food?

You can buy both our cat and dog food direct from our site or great independent stores as well as online – check out our stockists.

Do you do free samples?

From time to time – please e-mail us woof@luckyandprince.com.

How do I switch my dog to Lucky & Prince

To avoid an upset tummy, it’s best to switch you cat or dog gradually from their old food over a period of roughly 7 days where possible.

It is important when switching to a new food that you do so gradually. When introducing your pet to Lucky & Prince we recommend replacing 25% of their existing food every other day until they are eating 100% Lucky % Prince.

If your dog is used to dry food feed over a weeks time 75 % of his daily dry food portion and evenings 25 % of Lucky & Prince Bavaria to Bowl Premium Dog Food

Where do I put Lucky & Prince.

Anywhere you like, show it off proudly for all to see!

Keep your food in a cool, dry place All our sausages are printed with a best before date.

Is your food grain free?


My friend tells me a raw diet is best.

Ensuring your cat or dog gets a balanced diet is vitally important and can be trickier to achieve when doing it yourself. Beyond that there is the risk of contamination as raw food is far more likely to carry harmful bacteria. Not only is your dog at risk, but so are you and your family so it’s not something we endorse.

How can I stock Lucky & Prince in my store?

Welcome to the family Drop us a line at woof@luckyandprince.com and we’ll get you set up!

Do you test on animals?

No - never

How much should I feed my dog?

Feeding the correct amount for your cat or dog is important in maintaining good health, however the amount varies according to size, body condition, age and lifestyle. We recommend 2-4 % of dogs bodyweight – served with a fresh bowl of water

Is your food gluten free?

All Lucky & Prince recipes are wheat free and gluten free, perfect for sensitive tummies

What does single source protein mean?

Single source protein means that there is only one source of animal protein in that food. It’s particularly helpful if your cat or dog suffers with sensitivities or intolerances as you can easily determine what is in the food. All of Lucky & Prince food is single source.

How do you check that Lucky & Prince is delicious?

Lucky & Prince are our chief tasters.