Meet the dog snack brand that actually puts dogs first.

Lucky & Prince ....Kind of a no-brainer, right? We make functional dog snacks that's ~actually~ good for your dog, in an experience that works for you, too.


Lucky & Prince

A couple of guys started with homebacked functional dog snacks in small batches for friends. After a few weeks on what is now Lucky & Prince  Human-Grade Fresh Stonebaked treats, a dog known only as “Queen” is a happier and healthier british bulldog.

Everything they need, nothing they don’t.

We stone bake functional treats, humanely-harvested, sustainably-sourced ingredients, maintaining all of the nutrients dogs need to be healthy. And, turns out, they reaaally like it.

At Lucky & Prince, We do things a little differently.

  • We take Vet expertise, science-backed ingredients and years of research to bring the best products possible to the table for your dog. Here’s how we do it:
We take complex science and make it simple:
We’re obsessed with dogs and we also happen to be obsessed with data. We analyze hundreds of thousands of data points on everything from breed to age down to your location (yes we even take the weather into account) to make the best supplement recommendations for your pup’s unique needs. No guessing here - just good, clean science.
It’s no longer just a yearly check-up, it’s a daily check-in.
We’re bridging the gap in pet care to deliver exactly what your dog needs, daily. We believe caring for our best friends should be thoughtful, accessible and custom-fit to celebrate their unique needs. We built our platform so your dog can grow with Lucky & Prince  - that means, you’ll see updated recommendations throughout your dogs ages and stages. Lucky & Prince  was made for your dog daily, forever.
The taste, texture and crunchiness have been developed with Chefs & Vets.
Artisan stone backed and packed in small portions, to maintain its freshness and you can easily take it everywhere you go!
With LUCKY & PRINCE premium baked dog food you are treating your dog to a healthy, very nutritious and indulging moment. Suitable for all breeds and ages.
Made with love and care in the heart of Bavaria and shipped anywhere in Europe.
Lucky & Prince is Vet approved and freshly stone baked.
The result is a healthy, tasty and crunchy experience.
Excellent aroma and taste ... so good, that you might feel tempted to try it too! All LUCKY & PRINCE premium dog treats are organic, EU-Bio certified and every ingredient used is of Human-Grade quality. By using high quality, nutrient-rich raw materials, and traditional baking methods we are able to preserve all the natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids in our treats. The range will be for healthy skin, for healthy teeth, strong bones and joints, for digestions, for general health and for dogs with anxiety to relax.


Our treats contain everything your dog needs for a happy, long life.

And what's more, they're just irresistibly delicious!