Lucky & Prince
Our story:
I have always been a lover of dogs. Especially my best friend’s beautiful British bulldogs Lucky & Prince.
These guys are a pair of show-stoppers, literally. As winners of several dog shows, they are treated like royalty in the family. No expense is spared for these pooches! Especially when it comes to their food.
Always refusing to feed his dogs manufactured commercial foods, my best friend relied on either home cooked food or expensive high-end dog food to keep them healthy and happy. As you can imagine, this was impossible on the road at dog shows. Not only did he not have anywhere to cook, but storing canned food safely was a challenge in itself.
At that’s where our story begins.
I really wanted to help solve my best friend’s problems by creating an affordable, human-grade, nutrient-dense dog food that was not only delicious, but easy to carry and store. After discussing the idea with my neighbour (a recognised high-end dog food producer) an idea was born.
And that idea, was Lucky & Prince.
Lucky & Prince is an eco-friendly packaged dog food made with the highest quality, fresh ingredients (and a lot of love) in Bavaria. A trusted substitute for home-made dog food, our line of gourmet options give your dog all the nutrients, vitamins and protein they need to stay healthy and strong.
Our ethos?  Quality, affordability, portability, environmentally friendly and most importantly, delicious.
We can’t wait for your dog to dig in!
Lucky & Prince